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You can join this unique style holiday cruise which is tailored for a couple or a family only. 
You can enjoy the privacy on this classic comfortable motorsailer and plan the cruise your way.
Apart from the final destination we have no particular schedule, we let you and the weather desire the cruise rhythm. 

                   THIS IS YOUR HOLIDAY 

We sail the Southern Aegean sea – The Cyclades and the Dodecanese.                                                                  
From July till mid September the meltemi winds blow from NW, sometimes up to gusts of 40knots. The boat sails amazingly under these conditions, thanks to its heavy displacement and long keel. When the wind drops then a powerful  engine takes over.  The start and finish of every route is redesigned this year for comfortability and cost effective and combined with last year’s experience we charter for 2019 a larger area in Aegean sea. For the 2019 season  we use  the  port of Syros as a departure port for long distance tours and the port of Ios island for shorter in time cruises. Syros island is closer to the port of Athens ( Lavrio ) , to Piraeus port, to the port of Mykonos and to the port of Santorini. All these ports are short distance from International airports.  It is also a lot cost effective to our guests and less time wasting towards the boat. There are three to four times daily connections between these ports. Only thing you have to choose is the side of the Aegean you like to spend your long waiting holiday. The port of Ios island is a great starting point for cruising the islands of Sikinos, Folegandros, Milos, Kimonos and Santorini. We can advise you to any of  your requests and suggest to you the right route, on the right time. We do take special care to your needs and with this in mind first of our priorities is to give you the maximum of freedom to your holiday. There are so many fantastic islands in Cyclades and the way we have set up our destinations you are absolutely free to fit the route into your everyday mood. The distances between islands are short so within a week you can see a lot of this beautiful  nature without getting exhausting to move from island to island everyday. We do not circle our routes now back to the starting port because was not fare to our customers to waste time of their holiday to return the boat back – most of the times against rough seas. Of course we do not charge something for the returning of the boat. We do it for you for free.                                                                                                        

                  •  OUR PRICES ARE UNBEATABLE  •

           ONE low price all year around – NO high or low season pricing

                        300 euro per day


Our customers have the choice of flying to Athens airport and then or within a 30min distance you come to the port of Lavrio where you catch the ferry to Syros – 4 hours – or within a hour distance you come to the port of Piraeus and the fast ferry will bring you in Syros in three hours. Syros island is the capital of the Cyclades thus it has three to four times connectivity with the ports of Athens and Piraeus as well with the all islands of Cyclades, Dodecanese and East Aegean islands. Another choice is to fly to Mykonos island and with the fast ferry within a hour you arrive in Syros. We advise our customers to choose a route where there are able to disembark from the boat at the end of the charter and catch the ferry back to their departure destination. That way our customers have more relaxing holidays with no delay worries for being back to the departure destination on time. Delays can be caused from the weather or from a rope in the propeller as an example. Plus the extra time you get – can be an all day or two – to get few more rounds of ouzo shots while you sunbathing instead of fighting against waves to be back on time. All islands during the summer season have daily connectivity to the main ports of Athens and Piraeus. 
 Ios island is from four to seven hours away from the same main ports and only a hour and a half from Santorini. Book a flight to Santorini, take the ferry to Ios, come onboard and let the dream take over. The world is small but paradise is big and blue.                                            
  Please email me for questions or suggestions. cavo.doros@yahoo.com

     WEST ROUTE                  •• DO IT YOUR WAY ••


The west route is about 150NM long and visit the islands of Ios,Sikinos, Folegandros, Kimolos, Milos and back to Santorini. This is ideal route for a 7 days trip or 5 days with Ios,Folegandros,Milos and Santorini the islands to visit.


The present day crescent shape of the island is a consequence of the activity of the volcano in prehistoric times feeding the myth of the lost Atlantis. The ancient city of Akrotiri is the most important archeological site on the island dating back to the 17th century BC. It is worth spending some time to visit some of the wineries of the island. Discover the history of wine on the island and taste the exceptional wines produced in this volcanic terrain. Santorini is your start and finish point of the tour. Here anchoring is a problem as the depth inside the caldera is serious deep!!!! dsc_0666If the meltemi wind is blowing there is no shelter on the surrounding coast. We normally use a friend’s mooring in Theresa island which is half a mile ride by dinghy to the beautiful village of Oia.
Here you can see one of the best sunsets of your life. We can have a stop for a walk on the crater band a swim in hot sea water. There is an easy access to Thira town with a cable car coming up the vertical high cliff or you can hire a donkey and ride to the town. The outer of the coast can be visit with the boat only if there is no wind. It is worth snorkelling in several spots in and out the caldera as the beauty of the underwater scenery is unique. 


Ios or Nios as the locals call it, is one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, like a flower, as its name “Ion” denotes. According to the ancient tradition , Ios was the homeland of Homer’s mother and the final resting place of the great epic poet. Snow-white little houses, picturesque arcade-covered alleys, the twelve windmills, churches with arched belfries and light blue domes creat a unique residential area. blue - μπλεSkarkos, an early Cycladic period settlement, (2800BC) denotes the significant presence of man registered as far back as the early antiquity. The exemplary restoration and promotion of this archaeological museum. Paleokastro stands on the northeast side of the island and used to be a fort during the Byzantine period, useful for controlling the seaways from Constantinople down to Crete. It communicated via visual signals and fires with castles in Naxos, Amorous and Santorini. Ios is our provision stop and the reason for it is that we have good quality water here to fill up the tanks and also the all food preparation for our onboard guests. On Ios we have friends that grow and supply us with fresh bio organic vegetables. On Ios island we have many options for anchorages. Spending a night at Maganari bay is a must, swimming in great crystal clear water,in the same water where the Big Blue movie was shot or have a night or more in Milopotamos bay which is the main beach and a lot is going on here.


It is just six miles sail from Ios port and soon as we arrive we can enjoy a swim and a cold drink in Ag.Georgios beach. Sikinos port is small and unspoiled but offers great hospitality and tasty mezedes in the old style tavernas.dsc_0264 It promises a stunning collage of natural scenery, tranquility and a very human touch and intimate contact with past tradition.If the sea is flat on the north of the island we can visit two of the best caves i,ve ever seen but if the wind blows we can either have a night spending at the nearby port cove or take a short sail ride and drop the anchor on a remote cove where the surrounding scenery is magical. Sikinos have great spots for free diving and snorkelling and we may be lucky to see a sea seal – monachous – as they have made a big return on the island.The Hora is a delicate vignette with two different backgrounds, the mountainsides of Kastro and Horio. Kastro, build on the edge of a cliff, is a fortified hamlet dating back to the 15th century. When you enter through the authentic side gate, you are welcomed by white houses over 100 years old, alleyways scented by jasmine, yards with bougainvillea, geraniums and vine trees. Three windmills stand around at the cliff top, facing out to sea. It is a short passage to the next island of Folegandros and in between beautiful rock creations rise from the sea and if the winds are favourable we can have an unforgettable swim – snorkelling – free diving watching the marine life.


On this island there are few places to drop the anchor but there are so many things to do. Whether you walk, take the bus or jump into the sea, you will find Folegandros beaches delightful and photogenic. Whatever your choice, fine pebbles or golden sand, you’ll find the water inviting and clear. Angali, Agios Georgios, Cardia, Livadaki, Hohlidia, Katergo will become your best beaches. Their beauty will be your reward. The main village Hora is a beauty with great tavernas. dsc_0211The views to Aegean sea from the top of the village are astonishing and worth the wait for the sunset or better the sunrise if you can sacrifice your early morning sleep. It is a must to visit Ano Mera, a tiny village with fantastic local cuisine. There are some great large caves on the island but the best one is on the north side of the island so we need no wind again to access it safely. We can spend a night in the port holding on anchor and visiting the island starting from here and then spending an other night in Agali bay where the water is the bluest i’ve seen. A delicious dinner can be arranged on one of the most cool tavernas in the all area with astonishing views to the south. There are great spots to swim and snorkel with the best Posidonia Oceanica beds (looks like sea weed but it is not) i’ve seen. 


The western Cyclades. Nature has created art with volcanic eruptions. Lava is the expression of creation on a blue canvas. Huge white chalky formations full of bubbly shaped caves half submerged in turquoise water. The sun light gets absorbed by the white rock and reflects back peace, harmony and love. dsc_0595This group of islands is unique!!! Because of the short of distances between these islands, the weather shelter they offer and plentiful natural beauty, there is not a particular schedule for every day activities. There are a number of beaches for every taste, marine life, caves, cliffs, old villages, foot paths, traditional tavernas, cool bars and cafes. There is never enough time to get fully satisfied here and everything is so near. 


  EAST ROUTE            ••• take your time •••

The east route is a longer-about 350NM and is the perfect one for a couple wants to spend 2 weeks on the best spots of the Southern Aegean sea. Islands to visit are many and we can spend a day on every one or you can choose the ones you like. Ios, Astipalea, Tilos, Nisiros, Kalimnos, Leros, Lipsoi, Patmos, Arkoi, Fournoi, Ikaria, Donousa, Koufonisia, Schinousa, Iraklia and Santorinib-route


SANTORINI & IOS as described on the west route



The passage from Ios to Astipalea is the longest, 60 nautical miles or about 10 hours sail. The meltemi blows nicely the sails and even in strong wind forces the passage is a pleasure onboard M/S OLAKALA. There is a mid sea stop for an amazing swim and snorkelling in the reefs of Anidros, an uninhabited island. dsc_0822Fishing rods are out, maybe we will have a good catch as we sail towards Astipalea. The island stands alone between the Cyclades and Dodecanese. We may be lucky to be there when one of the many popular festivals is taking place during the summer season all over the island. Astipalea is surrounded by numerous beaches which are scattered all around the island. The most important archeological site of Asrtipalea is the Venetian castle that looks like it is magical at night when lit up.  Build in the 13th century on the ruins of the Byzantine castle it stands out as we arrive on the island and even more as we climb through the narrow alleys and stairs, the views is something else. 


40NM or about seven hours passage to this amazing volcanic island of Nisiros. We are now at the Dodecanese islands and the islands are starting to look different now. Nisiros is unique because of its volcanic creation. All of the island is a crater which is accessible by feet, bus or taxi. dsc_0969We love to drop the anchor on the south where the old abandoned hot springs are. The old stone made foot path is long but picturesque as it climbs up the mountain towards the magical village of Noikia build on the top of the crater. At Nisiros we haven’t the golden beaches or the naive laid back style of the others islands. The nature here is wild, powerful, majestic. Lava art everywhere!!! High vertical cliffs made from grey lava. The next bay has red cliffs and in between tiny black sanded beaches. The mix of colours in different lava layers, the smell of the hidden hot springs and the adaption of life on this unique landscape it is a must to see. The best sunrise in the all Aegean and one of the best sunsets.


There are thousands of true stories about this island and its inhabitants. Millions of tales and myths. Kalimnos is best known as home of the world’s finest sponge divers. As soon we arrive at the island the diving background surround us with wooden boats, diving gear from the past, old photos and sculptured faces. In the present time as synthetic sponges have replace the natural ones and because of climate change there are few divers left to dive for sponges. dsc_1018There are many choices of anchorages all around the island including the island of Telendos which is half a mile distance from west Kalimnos. In the large bay of Emporia there are beautiful quite spots for spending the night under the stars. The archeological museum of Kalimnos and the maritime museum of Kalimnos are worth a visit and the museum of marine life and findings located at the coastal village of Vlichadia. It is a private museum with exhibits relating to sponge fishing, a big variety of sea plants and sea animals and a collection of trade amphorae and other finds from ancient shipwrecks. The Kefalas cave, the most impressive and beautiful cave on the entire island of Kalimnos, it extended to 1000sq meters with six inner chambers. In Kefalas cave you will be impressed by the imposing , 103 meter long, hall way with the huge stalactites and stalagmites. You will also be able to see traces of the worship of Zeus, which is the reason why the cave bears the alternative name “cave of Zeus”. 


A 55 sum small paradise that has a particular beauty that is difficult to find on other islands. Legos is a green island in contrast with most of the Dodecanese or Cyclades where most of these islands are rocky and dry. Small hills covered with Eucalyptus, Pines and Tamarisk trees, small beaches hidden in small coves, the most beautiful castle in the area with two bays and three villages laying under it. dsc_0063Legos and its people have kept there local character unspool from the package holiday tourism. Panatela is the place to spend a night or two and worth a visit to the “karaflas” taverna for amazing local food and unique views. Within two hours of sailing there are two groups of islets from which the biggest Lipsoi and Arkoi are the only inhabited. Plenty of beautiful anchorages but tranquility found only out of the high sailing season. Crystal clean beaches, amazing local food and wine products – a good reason for us to fill up with some good stuff. Ark is well known for snorkelling, sunbathing, even reading a book in a day. 



300 euro per day

What´s included

  • Private boat charter (you share the boat with no others)
  • Skipper
  • Bedding, linen & towels
  • Yacht and guests insurance
  • End cleaning
  • Diesel
  • Snorkel and fishing equipment
  • All taxes and fees
 What´s not included
  • Transportation on land
  • Alcoholic beverages & soft drinks
  • Provisions
  • Port fees, power & water