the windy 2019 summer

cropped-olakala-stickerThe season of 2019 was windy as crazy it can be. There were of course other seasons with the same wind strength but somehow the last  summer was unpredictable. Probably because i was wishing one more windless summer after the last one. Offering holidays for couples or families (non sharing) made things a lot easier to plan or change to a more comfortable route

cropped-olakala-stickerKnowing well Olakala’s abilities i extended my sailing area more to the west and east so my guests can enjoy the passages between the islands. After all the boat sailed more with the sails up looking beautiful and seaworthy

cropped-olakala-stickerOlakala’s heavy displacement design surfed the waves with trimmed genoa and mainsail reaching speeds up to 9kts made it ease to reach the scheduled destinations. The days the wind was up to force 8B probably it was OLAKALA and BLUE STAR ferries out at the sea.

cropped-olakala-stickerThe season of 2019 Olakala was sailing the sea area between Syros, Ikaria, Leros, Santorini and Milos. Not only the unpredictable winds surprised me but also the raised number of chartering and private boats. Combination of these two factors made the search for a remote peaceful shelter hard to find special in Small Cyclades. The same factors are keeping me busy by drawing new routes for the season of 2020 and ’21. Also because OLAKALA’s guests – friends are willing to see more from the Aegean beauty.

I am thanking all these nice people that came and still coming onboard my boat and trusted me for their beloved holidays.


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