East route in September

It was an un expectable visit from long time guest and her friends to stay on my boat for 20 days. We decided to take the East route starting from the island of Syros and heading for Ikaria to spend the first couple of days on this beautiful island. At the end we stayed there five days spending most of the time swimming in hot springs by the sea or exploring tiny villages with traditional tavernas and amazing food. We kept going South towards the Dodecanese islands in a slow speed but with the highest mood possible. We loved Fournoi for the tranquility Patmos was noisy for our taste so we spend few days there on anchor in bays and coves with pirates shines from the past all around us.              At Lipsi we spend a night for extra provisions and refill the tank with fresh water. The surrounding of the  island was full of sailing boat and happily pointed the bow toward Leros. It was an unforgettable short distance passage with an amazing sunset and a tasteful dinner under stars. Leros is a full of beautiful bays with good sheltered anchorages. Fellow sailing boats coming from the south informed us that the islands down south are full of charter boats so we sat down planing another route. This is the benefit when we have the all boat for our selfs and not sharing holidays with others.         We arrived late that day in the remote island of Levitha and a peaceful night sleep. The only family on the island is well known to me from other visits so they offered us the best hospitality possible on this dry huge rock in the middle of the Ikarian  Sea. Next stop Amorgos. We sailed all along the southern rocky cost with the high cliffs and the crystal waters. Katapola port was so silence when we arrived. The sunset was so astonish that time had freeze and sun never set behind the horizon. We stayed in Amorous having a great time of dreaming the possibility to stay there forever living in one of these beautiful Amorgo’s houses with the surrounding views. The group of tiny islands of the Minor Cyclades were the last visit to the Greek islands in Southern Aegean. We spend the last windless days swimming and snorkelling in great water visibilities and spending long hours speechless on deck listening to the fishes jumping into moon light reflection on the sea. We locked all these great days we had on OLAKALA boat deep in our heart and we promised to repeat the same route next season to explore better the islands of Ikaria, Leros and Patmos.

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