The ladies

All guests have come onboard “OLAKALA” have become friends of me and we keep contact all year around. There is one guest who’s keep coming every year back for a better and longer look into the Aegean life style. A guest who’s mentality to life have inspire me for a better quality of service with much care to the environment. Being one use plastic free onboard ” OLAKALA” it was my biggest worry when chartering. Having this guest and great friend onboard make things easier and also i get some great ideas to spread the message for a healthier planet around the Greek islands. This season started with two great women with different nationalities but with the same deep love for Greece. We sailed the islands of Syros, Sifnos and Tinos in 7 days time which was enough for them to forget the busy working duties of the winter and keep the batteries charged till they’re back two months later. The reason to post this story is that despite the wet and windy weather we all had a great and unforgettable time thanks to the boat sea kindness and its pilot house. I am so happy when i see my guests loving my boat!!!!

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