Her sculpture

She came onboard wearing a huge round hat and holding a coffee and a bag with a book and  sun protection cream. She was staying at a villa and she wished to take a swim on the near by island of Sikinos. On the way to St.George’s beach i was informed that she was a famous sculptor and i suggested to her to visit a beautiful rock formation  on the east of the island. That was the beginning of the adventure. She got so exited with the rock creation that she saw and was now demanding to visit every beautiful rock formation i knew in the area. We were sailing for a week following the A route and anchoring close to every cove with beautiful rock surroundings. Sikinos, Folegandros, Poliegos, Kimonos, Milos, Santorini. I was fully booked for the rest of the season otherwise i could let her drag me all over the Aegean sea searching for the right rock for her great inspiration.

rock1 rock2 rock3 rock4 rock5 rock7 rock8 rock17rock9 rock10 rock12 rock15rock14 rock16  rock18

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