Windy days

Ten days of sailing with ten days of strong winds which suited perfectly our slow sailing schedule. Most of the boats were in ports or marinas. We did not have a tight schedule so we could take it easy – swimming in every cove and anchoring in every protected bays. Santorini – Ios – Sikinos – Folegandros – Poliegos – Kimolos – Milos – Santorini . The guests onboard OLAKALA this time were a Swiss couple. Both of them  were looking for an adventure. With 40 knots of wind out in the sea the adventure was guaranteed. Sails up and there we go. OLAKALA loves these conditions. With its heavy displacement and ketch rigging it is a pleasure to cruise. With its comfortable accommodation it is a joy to spend many days and nights onboard. Despite the windy weather we visited many places. The guests were very happy with snorkelling and underwater photography. The crew was more excited cause there was time for spearfishing and free diving. Most of the days we had fresh fish on the bbq and endless stories about fish, mermaids and pirates accompanied of course with plenty of the local wine.


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